The concept of the Tianna water recycling machine and the method of residue treatment

  1. Use the high-temperature bag to clean up the residue method:

Before recycling, put the high temperature bag into the bucket to open it, and then pour the dirty solvent to be treated into the bag, after recycling, wait for solvent recovery machine to drop to normal temperature and keep the residue in the high temperature bag, take out the swing stand, and take out the high temperature bag, the residue is easily removed, simple and convenient. However, the biggest disadvantage of this method is the high cost. A high temperature bag is generally only used once, and the high temperature bag must be resistant to high temperature, solvent corrosion resistance, which is rarely produced in China.

  1. The machine dumps and discharges the residue:

When the solvent recovery is completed, turn off the solvent recovery machine, After the residue and and vapor of the Tianna water recovery machine in the barrel have dropped to room temperature, open the barrel cover, and then manually dump the entire machine at about 120 degrees, and the residue in the barrel will flow out by gravity.If the residue becomes solid or thick, and generally needs to be cleaned by other auxiliary tools. This method is the mainstream in the domestic market.

  1. Slag discharge type:

There are two types of slag discharge. After recycling, open the door of the slag outlet, and the residue will flow out automatically. When the residue becomes semi-solid or solid, you must rely on tools to slowly remove the residue, which is laborious and difficult to clean. The solvent recovery machine of this structure, The machine general can't clean up the residue by dumping, the biggest disadvantage is that there is a major safety hazard of solvent leakage, because the "door of the slag discharge port" relies on plastic sealing gaskets to block the residue of dirty solvents, During the recycling process, the solvent will often be at high temperature, which will accelerate the aging of the plastic sealing gasket. Generally, The phenomenon of solvent leakage will occur after two or three months.


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