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    The solvent recovery machine uses the distillation principle to evaporate the solvent into a gaseous state by heating, and the vapor enters the cooling system liquefy and flow out, so as to regenerate the waste, dirty and old organic solvent and recycle it for reuse. The solvent recovery machine supplied by the environmental protection equipment company has a high solvent recovery rate, and the recovered solvent is clear and pure, with excellent performance and quality. The waste solvents you generate every day can be recycled and used for production on the same day, without worrying about the environmental pollution of the companys production and the supervision and management of the national environmental protection department. There is no need to rely on professional purification and recycling companies or environmental protection departments for disposal. It greatly reduces the purchase amount and cost of your solvent, Except for the solvent you consume in the process of use, most of the waste solvent can be recycled and used on the same day, You only need to purchase a small amount of solvent to make up for the consumption of solvent in the production process.

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    The solvent recovery machine was first introduced from abroad. Since the market was still small at that time, there were no domestic manufacturers. Now, due to the pressure of cost saving and environmental protection, more and more enterprises in various industries in China use solvent recovery machines. The company has changed from the initial questioning and wait-and-see attitude to the actual action of active purchase, and the market scale of the solvent recovery machine has been continuously developed and expanded. There are also several solvent recovery machine manufacturers in China, Their distributors and agents expand the market for solvent recovery machines nationwide.


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