Waste gases from organic solvents are produced in industrial processes

Waste gases from organic solvents are produced in industrial processes such as benzene, rubber, coatings, paints, color printing, shoe making, and other processes. They are widely used in Chinese industry and enterprises. Organic solvent waste gas will seriously endanger human health and the ecological environment. China has enacted relevant environmental protection laws to strictly control the emissions of organic solvents and other exhaust gases, and require companies to take appropriate control measures before emissions.

At present, for the purification of organic solvent waste gas, there are successful method such as adsorption method, absorption method, thermal destruction method, catalytic combustion method, biological method and plasma decomposition method, but from the perspective of domestically applied technologies and devices, The prior art acetone recovery mechanical device has a good effect on the purification and treatment of high-concentration organic solvent waste gas, and is economically suitable for relatively large-scale related enterprises. For the purification and treatment of low-concentration organic solvent waste gas, Due to the difficulty of treatment and recycling, and involving a wide range, it has become one of the difficult problems of environmental protection at home and abroad.

In environmental engineering, distillation method is one of the important means to control solid-liquid separation, Using this method can not only eliminate gaseous pollutants but also often convert pollutants into useful products. The adsorption method has been widely used in the treatment of organic solvent waste gas due to its mature technology, rich design and operation experience, and strong applicability. According to the principle of adsorption method, Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd. Developed the “organic solvent waste gas treatment and recovery technology and rare material recovery machine device" for the low-concentration organic solvent waste gas generated by domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, the industrial application shows that it has a good effect on the treatment and recovery of organic solvent waste gas with lower imported concentration, and the engineering process of this technical device is relatively simple, economical and practical, and has reached the international advanced level of similar products. It will be promoted and applied to China's leather, shoe, textile printing and dyeing and petrochemical industries. It can effectively reduce the pollution of organic solvent waste gas, recycle organic solvent resources, and provide technical support for the realization of clean production and circular economy. It has relatively significant environmental, social and economic benefits.

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