How to deal with the acetone recovery machine air leakage ?

     Have you ever encountered a steam leak when using the acetone recovery machine? And what should be done if the solvent gas leakage?

     First of all, the equipment should stop heating and waiting for the recovery machine without steam leakage, and then turn off the power supply of the equipment. The main reason is that the equipment out of the solvent vent, pipeline blockage caused by, generally solvent foaming, or dirty things into the condenser, resulting in pipeline blockage. How to prevent such things from happening, let us tell you:

  1. The cooling pipeline is blocked: the vapor can’t flow out through the cooling pipeline after cooling, creating a certain pressure in the recovery barrel, and the steam overflowed from the recovery barrel cover under the pressure. We suggest that you use the Kit Hing company’s acetone recovery machine with a pressure control system equipment, that is safety and assured.
  2. The gasket ring sealing is not good: is there any impact or uneven place in the gasket ring of the barrel cover of solvent recovery machine, if so, it is artificial damage, need to replaced, or should be change in time after used for three year. You can contact Kit Hing recovery machine factory or supplier to replaced the gasket ring sealing.


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