How to recycle the waste solvent of JXEP solvent recycler ?

How to recycle the waste solvent of JXEP solvent recycling machine ?

   The waste solvents or thinner that needs to be recovered is loaded into the distillation barrel of the JXEP's thinner recovery equipment heats the waste thinner in the distillation barrel by electrically heating the heat transfer oil ( indirect heating of the heat transfer oil ), and after the temperature reaches the boiling point of the thinner, the solvent vaporized steam is separated from impurities ( paint, oil, grease, pigment, resin and other non-volatile substances ), and enters the cooling system of the thinner recovery machine from the top of the distillation barrel, and the clean thinner flows out from the side pipeline of the solvent recovery machine after liquefaction concentration.

   After the end of the recovery, only the residue and a very small amount of solvent remain at the bottom of the retort vat. For the remaining residue, manual or automatic residue cleaning system can be used to clean the residue, or a special bag for high-temperature and corrosion-resistant solvent recovery can be used in the distillation barrel to clean the residue more conveniently.

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