Vacuum Tank for JXEP Solvent Recycler

     The vacuum tank for solvent recycler is a supporting gear utilized for distilling the solvent on the 150 ℃ boiling point. If attached to the vacuum apparatus, the boiling point of solvent will be capable of decreasing 30% to 40%, the solvent is very quickly warm. The recycling rate and productivity will rise expressively.

Improved Recovery Efficiency

The vacuum pump creates a vacuum environment, enhancing the efficiency of solvent recovery. Under low pressure, the boiling point of the solvent decreases, making it easier to evaporate and recover.

Reduced Boiling Point

The vacuum pump lowers the system pressure, allowing solvents to evaporate at lower temperatures. This helps reduce energy consumption and prevents the degradation of organic solvents at high temperatures.

Increased Solvent Purity

Using a vacuum pump for solvent recovery can enhance the purity of the solvent because impurities and volatile components are more effectively removed under low temperature and pressure conditions.

Reduced Waste Generation

Effective solvent recovery helps minimize waste generation, contributing to environmental protection. This aligns with the principles of sustainable development and green production.