Use environment and classification of thinner material recovery machine

  1. Dilute/thinner material recovery machine need 220V / 380V three-phase four-wire electricity, and water-cooled recovery machine needs tap water or circulating water in addition to 220V / 380V three phase four wire electricity ;
  2. The storage containers should have anti-static and heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is recommended to use stainless steel barrels for solvent recovery machines (for class I, II liquid dangerous goods), and the containers must meet the requirements of the national standard GB13508-92;
  3. The area of workplace is not less than 3 square meters;
  4. There shall be no violent vibration or impact on the solvent recovery machine within a radius of 5 meters;
  5.  If conditions permit, an anti-static floor (blanket) device should be installed, and an anti-static clip must be clipped;
  6. The handling and storage of waste solvents and recovered solvents are strictly in accordance with the national standards;
  7. Keep away from the fire source, with good ventilation and keep the indoor temperature below 40℃;
  8. Explosion-proof lighting should be installed and an explosion-proof power supply system should be used;
  9. The staff who operate the solvent recovery machine shall use the equipment after passing the safety training.


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