Why We need to use a solvent recovery machine ?

Solvent recycling machine is very widely used in our daily life, so do you know why solvent recycling machine are used? Please follow the solvent recovery machine manufacturers to learn about it.

1.Improve the quality of products

In the previous cleaning, use a dirty solvent to clean it , and then clean it with a new one. With the solvent recovery machine, you can always use the new solvent cleaning, and the cleaning quality will be improved.

2.Reduce environmental pollution

all organic solvents are toxic. If it is poured out, it will harm the survival of the surrounding animals and plants. If groundwater is used, the waste liquid will penetrate into the groundwater for a long time, which is harmful to the body of oneself or employees. So you can use a solvent recovery machine to avoid this situation.

3.Improve the safety of the factory

If the solvents are piled together or poured into the sewer, because the solvents are easily explosive substance, if an employee accidentally throws the cigarette butt into the waste solvent while smoking, it may cause a fire and inconvenient losses. Using the solvent recovery machine, the waste solvent can be disposed of at any time. There are without saving or pouring, which reduces the occurrence of accidents safety hazards.

4.The defect rate can be greatly reduced

Some companies infiltrate some waste solvents into the new solvents for use,which has great impact on quality, such as: After the paint is used, the paint is infiltrated with the curing agent, When it encounter high temperature or drying, the resin and the curing agent solidify together. If it is sprayed on the topcoat, the surface will be rough or swollen, which will affect the appearance. with solvent recovery machine can be used to separate the water in the paint and the curing agent resin, It becomes a colorless and transparent new solvent to be reused to change the bad phenomenon.

5.Space saving

Before the solvent recovery machine is used, the warehouse is stacked 10 square meters. After the solvent recovery machine is used, the waste can be processed into new solvents for reuse, which can increase the space of your warehouse by 10 square meters.


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