Mixed solvent -- JXEP solvent recovery machine

       Our company’s environmental protection products have many models of solvent recovery machine, also can equipped with vacuum decompression pumps, condensing recovery devices, etc. A company specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of environmental protection equipment, It is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of its own brand solvent recovery machines.

      Mixed solvent properties cannot be deduced directly from the properties of the corresponding two-component solvents. The situation of mixed solvent is more complicated, its solubility, good, bad and excluded volume effect, interaction between two solvent molecules, self-association of solvent molecules, aggregation of polymer in solution, and the effect of polymer on a certain component. Various factors, such as the preferential adsorption of the solvent, are relevant. The dielectric constant of a solvent can directly affect the solubility of a substance. Changes in solubility lead to changes in the thermodynamic state, kinetic processes, and thermodynamic and kinetic equilibrium of the solute. At the same time, the solvent medium changes,  the interaction between the solid particles, and the interaction between solid and solvent also changed. Therefore, changes in  the solvent environmental can greatly alter the state of the product.


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